Below is a look at some of the services we are currently providing to our Clubs.


Support is provided to Clubs and Coaches is through the TURAS Programme. TURAS – the Irish word for Journey – was chosen to reflect the journey taken by both coaches and players up through the grades. The initiative is aimed at mentors working with players from four to 17 years of age in clubs and schools, and players from 13 to 17 years of age in academies.

TURAS is based on five key principles that, when applied, will positively improve coach and player performance:

  • Testing and Challenging: all players should be challenged to improve at their level
  • Understands the player is at the centre of the game and provides individualised development (player centred)
  • Resembles the game (game based)
  • All players involved, all the time – lots of touches, lots of decisions
  • Should be an enjoyable, appropriate and holistic GAA experience

For further information on the TURAS Programme click here.

Young Referees

We support our Referee committee in organising our Young Referees Training. The main focus of this is to provide Referees for our Go Games Programme.

Croke Park U8 Play and Stay

Every year Leinster has two Play and Stay days in Croke Park for U8 players. Laois clubs take part each year and we use a rota system to give every club their chance over a 3 year cycle. It is a fantastic experience for these young players to play in the Field of Dreams and go up in the Hogan Stand to Lift the Cup.