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Stop Before you Just Can’t Stop

By Leona Conroy Sun 29th May

Stop Before you Just Can’t Stop
Stop Before you Just Can’t Stop

The GAA’s new gambling awareness campaign, ‘Stop Before You Just Can’t Stop’, is designed to help people recognise behaviours associated with problem gambling and to assist them access support services available to them.

The campaign is funded by Gambling Awareness Trust and by Problem Gambling Ireland. The GAA’s work in gambling awareness acknowledges research that highlights athletes as an at-risk group when it comes to problem gambling. The timing of the campaign launch – during the reopening of society in Q1 2022 – also recognises reports of a significant increases in online gambling during the pandemic.

The campaign message is clear: if you feel you are exhibiting any of the behaviours associated with problem gambling and want to ‘stop before you can’t stop’, avail of the services provided by Their professional support can make all the difference.

The ‘Stop Before You Can’t Stop’ campaign reinforces the ground-breaking decision by GAA Congress 2018 to prohibit sponsorship by betting firms of any GAA competition, team, playing gear, or facility.

GAA rules governing gambling include the successful 2017 motion to Congress prohibiting any player, team, member of a management team, or match official, from betting on any element of a game in which they are involved. The monitoring of this rule has been strengthened by the development of memorandums of understanding (MOU) between the GAA and the Irish Bookmakers Association and Betfair / Paddy Power.

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By Leona Conroy Sun 29th May

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