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SAOR Brief Intervention (Alcohol & Substance Use)

By Leona Conroy Sun 29th May

SAOR Brief Intervention (Alcohol & Substance Use)
SAOR Brief Intervention (Alcohol & Substance Use)

SAOR Training

The aim of SAOR training is to enable you to have a short helpful conversation with someone about their alcohol or other drug use using the SAOR Screening and Brief Intervention model. The training, based on the 2nd edition of SAOR (2017), is delivered using a blended learning approach. Participants complete a short eLearning module on HSELand in advance of a 1-day skills practice workshop.


The learning objectives of the eLearning programme include:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of alcohol and other drug use in contemporary Ireland
  • Define a brief intervention and describe the rationale for conducting a brief intervention
  • Describe the core components of the SAOR model and how to apply them
  • Identify opportunities to use the SAOR model with people who use alcohol and other drugs
  • Identify and access specific resources on alcohol and other drug-related issues and services

The SAOR eLearning is available on HSELand. Find out more about how to register on HSELand.

Skills Practice Workshop

Course duration:   1 day
By Leona Conroy Sun 29th May

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