September 7th, 2020

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During the summer, the Health & Wellbeing Committee of Park/Ratheniska headed up by Eileen Dunne (Healthy Club Officer), Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Maeve Conroy officially kicked off their club’s involvement in Phase 4 of the GAA’s Healthy Club Project by launching their ‘Keep our Cyclists Safe’ initiative.

With the increase of the number of cyclists on the local roads the GAA club and the Healthy Club Committee seen an opportunity to educate their community members on the importance of promoting road safety and raising awareness around protecting the road users.  Garda Arran Grehan was in attendance and delivered a talk on the importance of bike safety, responsible road cycling, and the safety gear which should be worn by cyclists.  High visibility vests (provided by the RSA) were distributed to all those present on the day as well as literature about road safety for cyclists.

The launch ended with a a 5km cycle around Ratheniska.  Two further events are planned in September,  a bike run to Timahoe and a cycle camp.   The Health & Wellbeing Committee would like to congratulate Park/Ratheniska on a fantastic initiative.

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Date: 07th September 2020