May 29th, 2022

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The GAA Tackling Bullying Programme is a resource developed in response to a growing awareness of the Impact of bullying on young people in society and in particular, in sport. The GAA became the country’s first sporting organisation to launch a national anti-bullying campaign with the unveiling of the GAA Tackling Bullying Programme in March 2013, and there are many clubs throughout the Association who have now benefited greatly from this initiative.

The GAA Code of Behaviour includes the GAA Anti- Bullying Policy Statement, which aims to adopt a whole organisational approach to addressing bullying. We are committed to implementing structures and relevant training to deal with allegations of bullying and Incidents of bullying which are regarded as serious breaches of the Code of Behaviour and shall be dealt with accordingly.

The programme consists of a two-hour training workshop suitable for Coaches, Parents, Players and other Club personnel and also includes a range of publicity materials for Clubs. This course is a fantastic resource available to all clubs, and during the Two hour workshop, participants will be equipped with tools that will enable them to identify, prevent and resolve incidents of Bullying that may occur in their clubs, including those that may occur online. This is an issue that causes many problems within our clubs and communities, and we encourage all units within the Association to be proactive in tackling bullying. This two-hour programme may be run in tandem and complimentary to any other educational and or community anti-bullying initiatives and is suitable for delivery at both adult and under age levels.

Through the adoption of a whole organisational approach to tackling incidents of Bullying within the GAA, it is hoped that we can create a culture wherein it is ‘ok to tell’ when bullying is taking place, and wherein issues that are reported are dealt with accordingly.

Laois GAA encourages all clubs with youth members to formally adopt the GAA’s Anti-Bullying policy at the Club Executive, and make use of GAA Tackling Bullying posters and resources to promote anti-bullying messages amongst their participants.