Reduce the Odds

The GAA’s gambling awareness campaign, ‘Reduce the Odds’, aims to protect the wellbeing of GAA members and the integrity of

Club Resources 03/06/2020

Recipes for Success

This Recipes for Success booklet – filled with tasty, healthy, performance enhancing recipes that are easy to make – aims

Club Resources 03/06/2020

Play in My Boots

The ‘Play in my Boots’ packs aim to de-stigmatise mental health by speaking to players in a sporting language familiar

Club Resources 03/06/2020

Critical Incident

Sometimes a critical incident – one that overwhelms ones natural capacity to respond – will arise leaving individuals or communities

Club Resources 03/06/2020


The National Office for Suicide Prevention is now delivering online training across the country. For details of training in your

Programmes 03/06/2020